Cakile Jacket . Gera Shirt . Indai Leather Trousers

Wisteria Blouse . Kaleem Classic Trousers

Yolan Knit Cardigan . Evien Trousers

Silvia Classic Trenchcoat . Pyrus Shirt . Pyrus Maxi Dress

Cakile Jacket . Gera Shirt . Indai Leather Trousers

Sagani Jacket . Ovalu Knit O-Neck . Incana Trousers

Jeanie Waistcoat . Jeanie New Dress

Jasione Jacket . Jasione Trousers

Wisteria Blouse . Kaleem Classic Trousers

Primula Blazer . Primula Trousers . Davida Wrap Dress

Dicentra Knit V-Neck . Mentha Knit Skirt

Humulus Trousers . Preba Dress

Scilla Tunic

Garbo Blazer . Garbo Trousers . Citrus Cropped Shirt

Fuchsia Sweat

Ficaria Waistcoat . Ficaria Blouse . Ficaria Trousers

Angelica Maxi Dress . Calluna Padded Waistcoat

Florian Knit Vest . Lica Dress

Lica Shirt . Big Love Tee . Linum Trousers

Our Spring 2022 collection take off into a dreamy wonderland of a flourish wilderness. Sun faded bright and intense pop colors are combined with soft desaturated essential hues. A psychedelic interpretation of flowers and soap bubbles characterizes the prints and colors.

As counterplay to the abstract floral prints, knits reference classic sailor stripes and bicolor cables.The silhouette is drapy and airy combined with a more body conscious feel. Leisure wear details is translated into tailoring and knits.

Quilted and padded styles are explored in both solids and reversable prints in a large variety of waistcoats and jackets.