Yasa Shirt Dress / Glint Swimsuit

Yasa Shirt Dress / Glint Swimsuit / Yasa Trousers

Zaha Dress

Lynn Jacket / Lynn Jeans

Lynn Jacket / Lynn Jeans

Elia Shirt / Elia Trousers

Elia Shirt

Margaux Maxi Dress

Sharo New Blazer / Sharo Shorts

Ambience Dress / Ambience Trousers

Esana Blazer / Fira Shorts

Esana Blazer

Tanya Dress

Kamna Maxi Dress

Ellia Knit Dress

Amale Shirt / Amale Trousers / Knot Bag

Relia Dress

Lino Blazer / Lino New Trousers / Knot Bag

Attention Dress

Attention Dress / Sun Beam Bag

As we dream of warmer days with effortless, flowing styles and bare sun-kissed skin, our Summer 24 collection arouses feelings of ease, lightness, and liberation.

Daydream your way through a collection that invites you to intuitively match your individuality with your outfit. Style a floaty plissé dress over trousers, wear sequins with denim, or even lace with relaxed tailoring. Dress it up or keep it understated to accentuate your personality and feel feminine and free.

As a contrast to the bright positive colors this season’s black pieces bring a chic sexy sharpness to the summer days. Embrace a strong femininity and feel the power of wearing neutral colors.

“It is all about finding the balance between elegance and edginess by giving a twist to minimalist aesthetics.”